edible wellness

Holistic Nutrition
Food is more than a meal to satisfy our appetite for nutrients and fuel. It is a connection to our world and to ourselves. A connection to memories of the past, feelings of comfort and love, belonging and identity. A connection to the farmers who cultivate a connection to the soil, who infuse the fruits of their labor with love that you can taste as you take your first bite. A connection to each other. 

When we share food, we share life.

Food has the power to transform. Ingredients and flavors combine to become more than the sum of their parts, transforming into a complex bouquet that tantalizes our taste buds while nourishing our soul. When we eat, we digest delicious ingredients into basic building blocks that rebuild and transform us.

Kale becomes my muscles, walnuts become my brain, salmon becomes my heart.

You are what you eat. So eat well.

Edible Wellness

Food is medicine and symptoms of disease and deficiency can be rebalanced with ‘foodicinal’ ingredients that nourish your body, mind, and spirit. If you've eaten yourself sick you can eat yourself well. Our bodies needs for basic sustenance may be similar, but we are as unique as our fingerprints, and the foods that nourish me may not be the same foods that nourish you. Holistic nutrition sees each person as an individual and as we work together we will create a personalized plan for edible wellness informed by your preferences, personality, and symptomatic concerns. Give your body what it craves to thrive and you will find a balance that will elevate your experience like nothing else.

A healthy relationship with food starts with a conversation.

You need to feed your head to feed your body. Get informed and inspired, educated and empowered. It all starts with you. How do you want to feel? What do you like to eat? How are we going to get there? Get to know yourself so you can work with your habits and personality rather than against them. Understand how your body works and reacts to the foods you eat. Then commit to changing the status quo. Upgrade your ingredients, try something new, then listen to your body and hear what is has to say. I can only share food wisdom with you. I can’t impose change. You have to want wellness, and be willing to make new choices if you want to get new results. I am here to guide you on your path.

Food comes in many different packages. A holistic nutritionist helps you decode the labeling, debunk the myths, and devour the deliciousness. Simple strategies that stick are essential for sustainable change. Rather than forcing your body into an imaginary idealistic mold, lets work with your body and give it what it truly wants to thrive and find balance. I promise it will return the favor.

Mental clarity, consistent energy, digestive comfort, ideal weight levels, peak performance, and longevity - All the perks of a nourished life.

Lets connect and get your food story on paper, your edible autobiography, so we know where you are coming from and where you want to go. Lets connect the dots and talk about how your body relates to your food. Lets find out what’s working and what’s holding you back, and what’s waiting to be discovered.