edible wellness

my story
Food is in my blood. Some of my earliest memories are of crawling underneath of my grandma’s butcher block table and listening to the sound of her knife chopping, the rhythmic tap on the wood as she wielded her blade like a culinary wizard. She always smelled and tasted everything as she cooked, and coaxed me to smell too. The love my grandma put into her food inspired me to become a chef.

I was raised in and out of a camperized school bus in the Kootenays, moving more times than I am years old, and when my family came to the Okanagan in 2000, I could never have imagined that somewhere could feel so much like home. I came to Kelowna to finish a degree in sociology at UBCO, with a focus on cultural theory and the sociology of food. Working in kitchens seemed like the best place to understand how food gets to the plate, but I soon learned that not all restaurants celebrate their farmers.

So without any formal culinary training, I set out to try things my own way, and in 2009 was hired to open my first restaurant (Bless the owners for having such faith in my passion. I made so many mistakes, but learned so much). As my health declined and burnout loomed on the horizon, I took a gig at a youth wellness center as a paleo chef and changed my relationship with food.

I built many relationships with local farmers and food purveyors to satisfy my need for high quality ingredients and found a deeper respect for my food. Not only where it came from and how it was grown, but also how it affected my body and how it made me feel when I ate it. As I watched my health improve and the impact real food had on the mood and behavior of the kids in my life, I realized that food is medicine and I needed to learn more. 17 courses and 27 textbooks later, I completed the holistic nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and my passion for food has only intensified.

Now food is my life. From my garden to my guts, Im cultivating nourished edible wellness as I share food medicine with my clients. My beautiful wife and two incredible kids inspire me to celebrate real food daily as we cook, dance, and laugh together in the kitchen. Kids are the farmers and chefs of tomorrow. We have a responsibility to inspire them to know their food.