edible wellness

Cultivate your NOURISHED life.

Holistic Nutrition

Let's get to know each other and talk about food.
Make the connection between what you eat and how you feel.
Your first step on the road to wellness.

Get your food story on paper and dig deeper to uncover
the roots of imbalance, then strategize simple solutions that stick
to keep you focused on growth and change.

Immersive personalized packages for edible wellness that
we build together based on your goals, lifestyle, and preferences.
Commitment and support as you cultivate your nourished life.

Go-to reference of “foodicinal” recommendations. Recipes, snack upgrades and key foods for wellness, based on our nutritional consultation and your personal preferences.

Pantry Revolution
Brainstorm health conscious meals, upgrade ideas for enhanced nourishment, clean out spoiled ingredients, understand and balance favorite not-so-healthy “soul foods.”

Market Meet-Up
Learn where your food comes from, connect with your suppliers, check out my top ten ingredients, and stock your nourished pantry.

 3-hour hands-on cooking lesson of a meal we decide on together, plus nourishing recipes, tips for great knife skills, cooking techniques, and total access to the brain of a seasoned chef – Ask me anything!

Lets connect and take the first step on the road to wellness
Combine my holistic chef services and holistic nutrition services for
a full course feast that nourishes your mind, body, and soul.